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Hexham Auction Mart

Blackface Draft Ewes

The Prize Show was kindly sponsored by the C.L.A. represented by Mark Scandal.

The judging was expertly carried out by Stewart Weatherson, Edges Green who made his awards as follows -

Blackface Draft Ewes

First Prize East Wilkwood – FT Walton

Second Prize Cottonshope – Cottonshope Partners

Third Prize Townfoot – RJ & J Raine

The Champion pen of Blackface Ewes, 6 year old, was awarded to FT Walton, East Wilkwood and received the CLA Challenge Cup and were later sold @ £95 to M/s J Caldwell & Son, East Mitchelton, Kilbarchan.

A good company of local and distant buyers with a good number of new faces operating. Trade was strong from start to finish with the average for the sale seeing an increase of £11.39 on the year.

5 year old - £93 Mount Huly Roughside & Featherwood Ridlees, £88 Featherwood Ridlees, £87 Fleehope, £84 Featherwood, £80 & £76 Brownchesters, £75 The Stobbs, £73 Bygate Grahams Rigg, £72 Ridlees Hope

5/6 - £86 Allensgreen, £76 Featherwood

6 year old - £95 East Wilkwood, £88 Townfoot Woodburn, £84 Troughend, £78 Toft House & Grasslees, £74 Cottonshope & Troughend, £72 East Wilkwood

Blackface Gimmers

The company also offered a good entry of 1295 Blackface & Swaledale Gimmer Shearlings and prior to the sale the show of Blackface Gimmers was ably judged by Borders producer, Craig Bradbury, Satchells Farm, Lillesleaf.

From a strong run of top pens Mr Bradbury made his awards as follows

First Prize Wanwood Hill – Wanwood Partners

Second Prize Townshields – H & H Robson

Third Prize Sewingshields – A Murray & Sons

With a great deal of quality on display a level trade was maintained throughout with buyers opting to favour sheep from tried and tested sources. It was the first pen of Blackie Gimmers into the ring that topped the sale; a smart pen of 10 big Hexham type sheep that sold for £190 to a Derbyshire based purchaser. These were followed by the third prize pen from Sewingshields at £182 then the champion pen from Wanwood Hill at £165.

£190 Greenleas, £182 Sewingshields, £165Wanwood Hill, £155 Horseholme, £148 Sewingshields & Townshields, £145 Greenleas & Sewingshields, £142 Townshields & Wanwood Hill, £138 East Wilkwood, £135 Grasslees (x3), £134 Townshields, £132 Wanwood Hill, £130 Monkridge Hill, East Wilkwood (x2) & Townshields (x2), £129 East Wilkwood, £128 The Dunns & Horseholme, £126 East Wilkwood & Carrick, £125Toft House, Brieredge & Horseholme, £122 Holling Hill & High Thorneyburn, £121 Carrick, £120 Holling Hill, Horseholme, Townshields, High Thorneyburn & Billsmoor Park

Blackface Ewe Lambs

At their opening sale of breeding ewe lambs Hexham & Northern Marts sold a smart entry of 935 Blackface ewe lambs, the majority bred from North of England or ‘Hexham’ type mothers and prior to the sale the prize show was ably judged by local purchaser and renowned Mule Ewe Lamb breeder Mr Melvin Ridley, Shitlington Hall.

Mr Ridley awarded the Gordon Swan Trophy to a super pen of lambs from Messrs Wanwood Partners, Wanwood Hill, Alston and the tremendous examples with colour, carcass and skins went on to top the sale selling for £140 to the judge who backed his decision to the hilt. Standing second to the champions were a similarly well-bred pen full of bonny lambs from Charlie Halbert, Prospect House which had all been bred by home bred sires and fitting that this offering took home the next best price behind the class leaders at £130 each. The third prize rosette went to the top pen from annual consignors Messrs Robson, Yatesfield and strong competition from both local and distant buyers saw this lot reach a worthy £128 per head.

The entire offering enjoyed a trade which was largely up on the year and returned an increase of 12% to level at a noteworthy average of £100.50 per head. With a full ringside of buyers keen until the very last pen vendors saw lambs sell to both regular, local purchasers but also to distant buyers from as far a-field as Renfrewshire in the North and Somerset in the South.

Leading flock averages;

Sewingshields (80) £110

Chapel House (43) £122

High Staward (96) £80

Grasslees (45) £81

Monkridge Hill (30) £109

Wanwood Hill (91) £131

Yatesfield (42) £125

Close a Burn (120) £104

£140 Wanwood Hill, £130 Chapel House & Wanwood Hill, £128 High Staward, Wanwood Hill & Yatesfield, £124 Yatesfield, £122 (x2) Close A Burn, £120 Sewingshields, £118 Sewingshields & Chapel House, £117 Monkridge Hill, £110 Townfoot Woodburn & Close A Burn, £108 Sewingshields, £106 Grasslees, £105 Greenleighton, £102 Monkridge Hill, £100 Close A Burn, £95 Sewingshields, £90 Hotbank