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15th October 2018

An increased average of almost £100 on the year totalling £872 for a slightly reduced entry of 217 brought a flying trade at The annual tup sale at Hexham and Northern marts.  Demand was reportedly high in the run up to the sale with breeders and commercial producers alike in search of new stock rams. The crowds of potential purchasers present in the sale lines before the sale began was proof of this theory.

The top price of £12,000 came from Peter Turnbull’s Shepherds croft Flock, Yorkshire. This son of the 16,000 Wanwood hill tup, which stood 2nd in the show, was knocked down to Selby Robson, Yeatsfield.

The Yorkshireman’s next tup, sired by a £5000 Carrick tup, went on to sell for £2600 to Messrs Walton, Greyside.

Next price of note came from the pen leader from Andy and Caroline Hunter’s Steel Flock. A son of the £12000 Toft house sold for £4200 to Philip Teasedale, Grindon Hill.

Early on in the day Robert, Jackie and Rachel Raine of Townfoot farm sold their pen leader, a son of the £5000 Carrick, for £4000 To George Famelton, Horseholme.

The second tup out of the Townfoot pen, this time sired by a home bred son of a £4800 Kirkstead tup, was sold to Ruth Mitchson, Belsay for £2500.

A fantastic pen of tups was put forward from Messrs Murray and sons, Sewingshields. There first tup in the ring was Knocked down in a 2 way split to Mr W Walton, Toft house and Robert Mackay, Bilsmoor Park for £3600.

Next into the ring from The Murray’s was the show Champion. This son of the £9000 Wanwood Hill was bought jointly by Charlie Halbert, Prospect House and The Wanwood Partners for £2500.

The Carrick flock also owned by Andy and Caroline Hunter had a well turned out pen of tups with 9 of the 10 making 4 figures. Their top price of £3500 went to Messrs Murray, Stell Green for the first tup out of the 1st prize group of 3 shearlings in the pre-sale show.

The duo sold a further tup for £3400 to Messrs A Carruthers, Peel-a-Hill.

Their first tup into the ring which stood 3rd in the show went to Messrs Teasedsale, Grindon Hill. This son of the £8000 Wanwood Hill tup sold for £3000.

Selby Robson, Yeatsfield received £1400 for his pen leader. Sired by a Milnmark tup, he sold to Gary Herdman for his Wandystead flock.

Selby’s top price came in the shape of his sixth tup in the ring. The son of a £5500 Horseholme tup sold in a joint venture to Peter Turnbull, Shepherds Croft and Neil Robson, Townshields for £3000.

The last sheep in the Yeatsfield pen sold for £1500 to Messrs Stevenson, Blagdon Burn.

The Penpeugh team of Willie, Faye and Ryan Walton sold their lead sheep, by a Shepherds croft sire, for £2800 in a split between Peter Turnbull, Shepherds Croft and Andrew Murray, Stell Green.

Penpeugh sold 2 more sheep at a four figure sum. The first by a West Hills tup which sold for £1700 to Steven Hogg, Hazleton Rigg and the second, by a High Staward sire sold to Messrs Carr, Camphill for £1500.

The pen leader form George Famelton’s Horseholme flock sold for £2800. This son of The £6000 Toft House tup sold to John Carr, Camphill. Another by the same sire sold for £1500 this time to Annabelle Morshead, Nilston Rigg.

Andrew Murray from Stell Green had three tups over the 4 figure price. All three where by a Horseholme sire purchased for £3200. The first was purchased by Philip Teasedale, Grindon Hill for £1600; the second went to James Herdman’s Edlingham Newtown flock for £2600 and the third went to Messrs Peart of Hareshaw for £1400.

The Ridley family, Shitlington Hall sold their pen leader by a chapel House tup for £2000 to Messrs Walton for their Troughend flock. Their 3rd tup into the ring by a High Leam tup made £1000 and went to The Lamperts, Gilsland.

The First tup from the Wanwood Hill pen sold for £1800 to The Cowden Partners.

The next into the ring sold for £1100 to Clune and Corrybrough estates. They then had two tups selling for £1600, the first to James Herdman, Edlingham Newtown and the second to The Lamperts, Gilsland.

Charlie and Rachel Halbert, Prospect House saw their top price at £1800 for a son of their £4000 Home bread tup sold in 2017. This was purchased byWillie Woodman, Great Chesters. They then had a brace of tups selling for £1600; the first to Messres Armstrong and Hunter for their Carrick flock and the next to the Cowden Partners.

The Top price from Toft House of £1600 was given by Messrs Murray, Sewingshields for a son of the £8500 Kirkstead tup. The same brreding produced the next top of £1400 this time selling to Geoff Paxton and daughter Fiona, Greenlighton.

Willie Woodman sold his pen leader, by a Whiteside tup, sell for £1500 to John Nicholson, The Old Police House. Another by the same sire sold for £1000 to Peter Charlton, Little Harle.

Towards the end of the Sale Robert Mackay sold a trio of tups for £1200. The first by a Home bread son of a £9000 Wanwood Hill tup sold to Messrs Waugh, The Row, Roadhead. The second by the same tup sold to Lewis Foster, West Nubbock. The third one to hit that figure sold to Campbell Hewitson, Featherwood this time for a son of the £2000 Penpeugh tup.

Willie and Stewart Weatherson, Edges green sold to £1200 for a Sewigshields bread tup purchased by Messrs Nicholson, Whitby. The same sire produced the next tup which sold to Messrs Martin, Whitby for £1100.

A small show of lambs were offered with the top price being £700 for the pre-sale show Champion from Messrs Walton, Wanwood Hill. This was purchased by the judge Mr David Robson, Towshields.

Geoff and Fiona Paxton sold their first lamb for £550 to Mrs Ruth Guy, Marrick.

Leading Averages

Top Price Average Number sold

Shepherds Croft £12000 £5200 3

Carrick £3500 £2206 8

The Steel £4200 £1750 5

Sewingshields £3600 £1675 10

Townfoot Farm £4000 £1480 5

Stell Green £2600 £1360 5

Penpeugh £2800 £1155 7

Yatesfield £3000 £1107 7

Prospect House £1800 £1075 8

Wanwood Hill £1800 £1050 10

Townshields £2200 £1033 3

Great Chesters £1500 £931 8

Billsmoor Park £1200 £887 8

Horseholme £2800 £875 6

Greenleighton £1000 £737 4

Toft House £1600 £716 9

Edges Green £1200 £708 6

Hazelton Rigg £1100 £687 4

Shitlington Hall £2000 £681 8

The Dunns £1000 £641 6